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Sarah Silverman: the Jewish-American Yoga Princess

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OMG Sarah Silverman. With all of her facetious wisecracking on touchy taboo topics like racism, religion, lesbian kisses and f**king Matt Damon, it’s revealed via twitter (where else?) that the potty-mouthed comedian takes her sass to the mat! Considered one of the “hottest” female performers in her genre we imagine yoga practice only helps to strengthen her backbone and inner wit-machine,  not to mention offer perfect fodder for her seemingly unlimited annals of fart and crotch jokes. And Jewishness, apparently!

Now we wait for @kanyewest to tweet it up!


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  • Ha! Is she talking about payot, the Jewish sideburns? As a Jewish yoga princess myself, I would love to advise the awesome Miss Silverman to wash her face with a natural cleanser immediately after class. (Not to be a guilt-tripping Bubby, but I am seriously the only one doing it! Proof: I 99% of the time have the studio sink to myself while everyone else races out with acne-waiting-to-happen.)—Melisse of WellandGoodNYC.com

  • Love Sarah Silverman.

  • johnnystretchable

    Oyeee veh! She is a bore.

  • love sarah — and i think she would love Ruthie ,the 72 year old Jewish bubby in my humor book Yiddish Yoga: Ruthie’s Adventures in Love, Loss and the Lotus Position! Ruthie kvetches & stretches through yoga and is heading to Broadway soon! Buy a copy and support a writer, teacher and Jewish yoga queen!

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