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Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood Celebriyogi (photos)

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Yoga candy! For simply no other reason than your viewing pleasure (and historical context?) here is Marilyn Monroe, from 1948, yoga posing. These photos, some of which were featured in LIFE mag, have been floating around for a while (obviously, they’re from over 5 decades ago!) but we thought it only fitting to add Miss Marilyn to the Hall of Celebriyogis.

“Marilyn Monroe’s latest kick is yogi [sic],” wrote Walter Winchell in 1956. “To improve her legs, she says.”

click to enlarge! on a related note: while her yoga form could use a little more practice, it’s hard to imagine her physical form could have ever been considered anything other than smokin’.

Thanks to the latest NYTimes article on posers for alerting us.



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  • not only do i wish i could get my hair to stay like that after yoga class (heck, even before?), i kind of want one of those one pieces to practice in!

  • the shot of her in red is absolutely stunning.

  • Great photos – her form isn’t too bad either 🙂

  • amy

    She was a jogger and believer in fitness 25 years before fitness became popular for women.

  • Gorgeous!! How wonderful to know the celebri-yogi trend started waaaay back when! 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    Yoga International (I think that is the title, big oversized British glossy) published many of the Marilyn photos

  • boo


  • amazing pics!

    never considered using a stick as a prop for bow pose either 🙂

  • octopus

    rockin body and perfect smile

  • Stewart J. Lawrence

    Namaste, Mr. President.

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