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Yoda Goes Yogi: Introducing Star Wars Yoga

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In the ‘somebody had to do it’ file…

Quick! Star Wars needs a marketing boost! A super Star Wars dork, Matthew Latkiewicz, got extra creative and drew up some faux letters between George Lucas, creator of the hugely popular empire, and Steve Jones, Senior VP, LucasFilm Marketing and Brand Strategy to breathe new life into the franchise…with yoga! Stevo keeps pushing the yoga thing “Maybe a series of poses based on the Force and another based on the Dark Side? Double the revenue stream potential?” “Star Wars Yoga action figures!” while Mr. Lucas remains strongly adverse. Unconvinced, he is. But Mr. Jones (Latkiewicz) has a point!  You could draw plenty of parallels to the “force” and yoga, the Dark Side, Jedi mind tricks etc., but we won’t because we’re not big enough Star Wars nerds, but we will share with you the pretty awesome Star Wars Yoga Series! Bring these moves to your next class.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda, “The Empire Strikes Back”

Go to the Star Wars Yoga page for the full set and the hilarious letters of persuasion.

cheers to @YogaChicky for the heads up

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  • “In the ’somebody had to do it’ file…” I agree! If it gets folks interested in yoga, I say more power to’em

  • It’s just fantastic, especially for us yoga dorks who also happen to love Star Wars. And here’s the thing – Star Wars nerds tend to take things a little too seriously so this mash up is utterly brilliant IMHO.

  • Shanda

    love it – love it – love it!

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