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This Week in Yoga: Opera, Prison, Kitty Cats and Drunken Yogi Vandalism

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When you have a yoga news week with headlines trumpeting opera, prison, kitty cats, and drunken yogi vengeance, you have to wonder, how close are we to the yogapocalypse?? be like the buddha cat

Here’s what happened this week on YD – ‘Lessons Learned’ edition:

Lesson #1: Upon tossing back a few adult beverages, do not attempt to go to yoga class. When drunk enough to ignore this simple rule, and consequently denied entrance to class, it is best to turn home, or the bar (hey it’s Friday). DO NOT return to the studio with armfuls of toilet paper, spray paint and your kitchen garbage. [read more]

Lesson #2: Cats are relaxation experts…now with yoga meditation music, study shows! [read more]

Lesson #3: Ode to joy! Yoga is _____:

a)   great for opera singers! [read more]
b)   also great for prisoners in jail, though try explaining that to curmudgeon taxpayers in the UK. [read more]
c)   ageless, ask 91-year-old Tao Prochon-Lynch tomorrow. [read more]
d)  a tad more than “stretching and breathing” [read more]

Lesson #4: Clearly Lady Gaga has a first class ticket on the rock n roll yoga train [read more]

And finally, Lesson #5: Author Stefanie Syman is a nice person for answering our questions! Oh and for writing a cohesive and thorough book about ‘Yoga in America’… which some lucky YD readers may have the chance to dig into themselves pretty soon (*hint*wink*giveaway*) [read more]

Other Stuff:

  • America’s most opinionated and boisterous Hindu statesman, Rajan Zed, says yoga will help our little misguided and recently incarcerated Lindsey Lohan! And also obese kids. [read it, and another]
  • Funny ‘yoga dude’ Neal Pollack takes on The Yogacist role with Dear Abby: My Yoga Teacher Won’t Stop Chanting [read it]
  • Oh and his Anusaraness, John Friend, was in the NYTimes…more on THAT later. Stay tuned for the YD breakdown of the gargantuan article. [read it]

Enjoy these days known as Saturday and Sunday! Don’t forget to check back this weekend for another installment of YD Goes to Yoga School!

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