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When Spinning Meets Yoga: Is It Just ‘Stretching and Breathing’?

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Hey! Get that FULL MIND & BODY workout…with Spinning and Yoga! Awesome! Be sure to pull that belly button in nice and tight. Uh oh.

Today on the CBS Early Show morning risers were treated to a blast of cardio spinning (awesome!) combined with yoga (beautiful!) from SoulCycle. Love to burn those calories and fat, but afraid of yoga? No worries! Cute and fit, Alyson Hannigan doppleganger, explains.

“A lot of people are intimidated by yoga but it’s really just stretching and breathing.”

See? Nothing to be afraid of! oy. Not to be the yogarazzi, and we usually get pretty darn excited about Public Displays of Yoga, but our parade’s feeling a little soggy today. This is usually the concern that occurs with the combo mutation workouts. Is yoga only stretching and breathing? Is it SoulCycle’s fault for peddling this concept?

Watch the video for a view of CBS brave soul Harry Smith’s “beautiful” tree pose, which would be even awesome-er if someone would mention to him NOT TO PUT HIS FOOT ON HIS KNEE! (deep inhale… deep exhale).

We’ll give Lindy a break here though, surely she’s squeezing her bladder with all her abdominal mula bandha might trying not to pee on national TV. (or is that just us projecting)

thanks Mary M for the tip.


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  • “A lot of people are intimidated by yoga but it’s really just stretching and breathing.”

    then don’t call it yoga.

  • Spinning is about the only form of Cardio that I can tolerate. It really helps even with my yoga practice when I get some form of Cardio in.

  • Transpogue


    It’s great when what you care about and love with all of your heart is reduced to an apologetic appeasement to the masses.


  • Yogini3

    SoulCycle was already mind-body fusion without the yoga, and it had the charismatic former Ashtanga teacher Stacey Griffith leading the charge. So what is it now, mind-body–mind-body-fusion–fusion? I am very confused. Maybe they are competing with YAS studio chains of LA?? Please give this old mind a rest already!

  • admin

    hear that ash… personally not a spinner, but def not meant to be a slam against exercise.

    Linda, totally.

    they’re incorporating yoga, but it really is only the yoga “stretches” and “breathing” .. soo..

  • A lot of people are intimidated by Cycling, but it’s really just moving your feet in circles. – Tyler, RYT

  • admin

    ha! tyler=love

  • Ifeel sorry for these misinformed problems accruing in the so called Yoga exercises. Let us be first clear that Yoga is not synonymous for Asanas, which is the third limb of Patanjali’s Ashatanga Yoga Sutras. I am sure that the Yoga teachers and students alike, understand this basic difference.

    Having said that, coming to Yoga implying Asanas, that is why, Patanjali stressed on the Yamas and Niyamas before getting on the Asanas and Pranayamas. It is important. Because it is a holistic exercise, not just for mere bending and stretching but the exercise for mind and soul as well.

    It is this lack of awareness, that some students are talking of ego in this programme. Ego in either party is prohibited at any point in the whole programme. It is covered in Yamas and Niyamas. Hence I have said that it is not a fast food service type of catering to the demands of a fashion shop type business.

    Having said it, both the teacher and student must realise its wholesome purpose. I am aware of the controversies and rumours spread against the practice of Yoga.

    We cannot get away with two things or facts. Yogas originated in India from times immemorial and it has nothing to do with Hinduism as religion at all. This sense of guilt must be defiled from the mind. It is unfortunate that some competing religious houses are trying to spread hate rumours. I have no comments on it except that it is unfortunate.

    Practicing Asanas with Pranayama besides the preceding limbs of Patanjali Yoga Sutra, it will energise you perfectly that is unbelievable.
    Only those who have practiced it, would know the value of my statement.

    Lastly, like any other physical exercise, one should know their own limit. It is bound to vary with individuals undeniably. If you are in doubt, please discuss it with your instructor prior to actually starting it. If still in doubt, consider taking an expert medical advice.

    Once you start it, a good teacher would always instruct to take it easy and will never push. “No pain, no gain” is correct but not in the initial stages. First tuning is essential. Having done that, a little extra, I repeat it, a little extra strain is required to loosen the strained muscles and joints to clear their rot. Without that, the whole aim of exercise will be defeated.

    Hence the rules are: (1) Start slow but steady over the period of weeks (2) Individual requirements must be taken care of (3) No copycating others is a good rule (4) Later on, a little pain, for little gain, is a good rule (5) If in doubt, don’t than do, should be the rule to avoid harm (6) Coordination of breathing sync with the various phases of Asanas must not be violated or else it may lead to depletion of the vital energy than energising defeating the whole purpose.

    These are some of the rules that can help the beginners to avoid injuries in these practices. Do not forget that the injuries in any physical exercise is bound to happen if it is unaccustomed and over enthusiastic and unsupervised especially in the beginning. A care at every stage works like a stitch in time saves nine.

    I hope you all enjoy your Yogas. You may visit my articles on net as well as on my blog. God bless

    • Dr. O. P. Sudrania

      I get back today after long time to correct one misstep. In my above comment, I had said, “Little pain for little gain” is a good rule. I think, it is better edited as “little strain for big gain”. I must stress that pain factor should be avoided at every point. If pain does start, kindly stop it short of it. Yes, little strain is certainly desirable and mauintain it a while for about ten seconds and give it an interval of ten seconds before repeating. This way, few times repetition can be done to get full advantage. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience and confusion.

  • Just another word for “no pain, no gain”, it is amasing that if one follows the basic rules, after a month or so, the amount of physical and mental benefits are astonishing. With continued practice, they keep you rejuvinated eternally.
    God bless

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