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Asana for Arias: Yoga for Opera Singers!

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Here’s a new one for you – yoga for opera singerrrrs! (we’re working on the vibrato). Opera divas: now with more to sing about, flaunt, stomp their feet in a huff over, and other caricature diva-ish things.

Opera students at the University of Minnesota Duluth are getting a lesson in core strength and breathing exercises so they can belt their little lungs out without popping an eye socket (what a nightmare!) But how new is it really? We’ve all been there in yoga class chanting the Guyatri mantra or some other sacredness and you have the second coming of Maria Callas sitting next to you bellowing to the rafters. *non-judgment*

We totally get this though in a kind of ‘duh’ realization. Opera singing requires a tremendous amount of non-blood vessel popping breath control for optimum fullness of sound and acoustics. Why would you not tone the very muscles and organs (diaphragm, lungs) in a practice that helps promote healthy breathing?

“Yoga is great for singers,” the administrative director of Yoga North [instructor in the program] said. “It helps with essential breathing and helps them be connected to the body.”

Great! So when will this catch on for all opera schools? Because the next time we support the arts in NYC we’d like to be able to hear everything from the cheapo nosebleeds very nice, affordable standing room at the top.

Operatic Yogadorks: anyone care to recommend a sequence?

[Daily Globe]

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  • This post is kind of ironic given that it’s side by side with the prison post…

    “Yoga is great for singers”.

    Yeah, it’s great for everyone. Prisoners included.

  • I’ve taught yoga to the Elgin (IL) Symphony Orchestra. lots of shoulder openers for those cello players….

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