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When Yoga Teachers Attack! The Linda Dolloff Trial

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Ay caramba! What a way to end the week! Tonight on “20/20”: Did Standish, Maine yoga teacher Linda Dolloff stage a home invasion, beat her husband Jeff to near-death with a baseball bat and shoot herself in the abdomen in a further cover-up effort?

Yes indeed! Say investigators and the jury who found her guilty.

The gruesome incident occurred last year, early Easter morning in April 09, and on May 12th of this year a jury found Dolloff guilty of attempted murder, aggravated assault, and filing a false police report.

But how could they prove it? There are no eyewitnesses, the husband was beaten so senseless he doesn’t recollect what happened and for crying out loud aren’t yoga teachers supposed be some sort of respectable, nonviolent non-baseball bat wielding peacemakers?? Prosecutors had to get all cutting-edge in the forensics dept with “lead vapors” and other CSI beeswax. We don’t know what yoga studio she taught at, but generally speaking we can vouch for the ahimsa thing*, and we haven’t even done our 300hr training yet. (*even when it comes to divorce, which apparently was a relevant part of this case)

If you’re interested in delving into that sort of crime scene/yoga teacher turns alleged husband-beater type of stuff, the story will actually be on “20/20” tonight at 10pm ET, we weren’t kidding. Latest news: her attorney has asked for a new trial.


UPDATE: Integral Yoga Teacher Was Murdered

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  • Certainly a tragedy for everyone involved–as far as what it says about yoga and yoga teachers, though, I’d say nothing except “people who teach yoga are human and sometimes really fucked up just like the rest of us.”

  • Mary

    She said, “You still think yoga is for sissies…”

  • Suresh Patil

    Most yoga teachers are shrewd and cunning mind manipulators…just like all the so called godmen and godwomen coming out of india…mind manipulation and control…..that’s exactly what yoga is all about…all those who teach yoga in india are members/supporters of a genocidal and fascist organisation called the RSS which is instrumental in the killing/mass murdering christians and muslims in India…

    • Viv Richards

      what an a hole you are, spreading baseless allegations. bringing RSS under a suedo name or clue less soul you are.

      are you Suresh patil or you are sirajuddin khilji..

  • what interested me in this killing by this yoga teacher is that in the 1960s I knew a lot of yoga teachers in London, at this time in my life I was pretty naive, reflecting on these teachers which at that time I had a lot of respect for, I now realize they are just ruthless and cunning, I would say they are parasites, making a living of the innocent, in fact they are some of the most depraved and corrupt that I know, it is unfortunate that so many evil are attracted to this cult, to me when I look into the eyes of this women you can smell the evil, for the rest of my life I paid a high price for being with yoga teachers. don wreford.

    • Carl Silverman

      Hi Don,
      Still paranoid after all these year? They weren’t that bad, although AB was definitely a con-man.
      I’d love to hear from you.

  • Maria Gutierrez

    He deserves it. The husband is such a dick head who wants to kick out his wife from their house so he can bring in a new girlfriend

  • Chronic

    Even as a guy who is married after watching the show there is no way I felt she could’ve dont it unless they withheld some evidence on the show. As far as i am concerned did they even interview the thousands of people who he admits are enemies or even the girl he was cheating with? Like my parents used to say KARMA is a bitch. What you reap is what you sow.

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