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This Week in Yoga: F-Words, Gun Shows, Massive Butts and Lady Gaga

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Right, so this week happened. You were all here to witness it!  But did you miss out on yoga news listening to all the deplorably explicit Mel Gibson rage tapes? Good grief. We won’t even get into how much that man needs a good slap of the pranayama stick. Anyway, we hope you’ve had a chance to breathe, it is now Friday after all. Did you get your tickets?

Here’s what happened this week on YD:

Lady Gaga just dances, and gets her Yoga on! We’ve got the scoop, and post-yog pic direct from her teach (read more)

There’s a Yoga Revolution afoot, and the soundtrack is sung by Sting, Sheryl Crow and other S-named pop stars (and not) (read more)

‘The Office”s Rainn Wilson learns an important lesson in yoga class weaponry and gun shows (read more)

Malaysia’s cutie pie yoga celeb misses her opportunity for TV stardom due to the damn F-word (read more)

Tennis superstar Serena Williams embraces another four-letter word: Yoga! And, her butt (read more)

Other linkies about the yogis:

Mommies on the march to get fit, babies come along for the ride… NY takes on stroller yoga [read more: NYTimes]

Um..meet Iceland’s yoga wizard? If you dare. [read more]

Another article on how America can’t get enough of yoga even though they’re out of work and can’t pay their mortgages. Yoga saves, people. [read more: ABC news]

Enjoy your weekend! If you’ve been keeping up with the YD 300-hr teacher training, you’ll be interested to know that it kicks off this weekend! Thanks to your kindness. Stay tuned for posts from the trenches.

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