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YD SCOOP! Lady Gaga Takes Private Yoga Class in Cleveland

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There she is, the Gag after the yog! Just taking time out from her grueling tour schedule to get in a little down time, like literally DOWN off those milk crates she calls shoes.

Photo fresh in from Ms. Sandy Gross (left), founder/director of Evolution Yoga in OH, and teacher of private yoga sesh for LG! Lady Gaga is en route to your studio for yoga…what do you do?? Panic! How am I going to teach a pop star in 16″ platform combat boots? Then, phone a friend. Sandy called NYC’s Cyndi Lee for advice (Evo is an OM affiliate). Cyndi explains on her blog, “I told Sandy to teach a class that wasn’t too fast but kept moving and to give lots of hands on adjustments and good information.” By the looks of things the two got on famously (..ferociously?). “She liked that it was creative and she loved the hands on assists and that I helped her low back drama in back bends, ” Sandy reports.

But, holy metatarsals, can we just express how relieved we are to find Ms. Gaga spreads her toes on the mat? Every time we see the pop princess all we can think is omg woman your poor feet! Also, is that underwear?

(photo above either pre or post-faceplant at Heathrow Airport)

Can we call her lady Goga now? Gawk more outrageousness in Vulture’s Lady Gaga Look Book


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  • Rock My Soles

    Sandy Rocks good for her and Cleveland Lebron out Gaga in?

  • Hi Rock, YEAH! YD, love the Lady Goga! Your writing style is so creative & fun…I might even go so far as to say you are the GaGa of yoga web blogs. Thanks for the post!

  • she’s a shoe fetishist’s dream…..

  • Hello there,
    i love your resourceful blog all about yoga ! Nothing better than to practice yoga with or withour lady gaga:) My favorite is Bhakti Yoga, the most powerful way to get fulfillment in our modern time. If you want to know more please come and visit our site to download your book o cd. All in three langauages, english, spanish and portuguese!

  • Srah

    I heard she took a private class at New York Yoga HOT this week! I missed her by just a few minutes! Argh!

  • admin

    she just tweeted about a class she’s headed to tonight in NYC
    just posted here: Lady Gaga: Biggest Yoga Endorsement Since Elvis

  • i am here in cleveland ..

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