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Rainn Wilson: ‘No Weapons In Yoga Class’

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No weapons? That’s funny, we always bring our guns to yoga class! *ba-dum tish*

‘The Office’ star Rainn Wilson, aka Dwight Schrute, learns the hard way and lives to twitter about it. We could imagine the goof getting carried away with Warrior poses…please say it was a samurai sword!  (thanks to @johansigurdson for the yogadar heads up!)

Yep, the real life Rainn practices yoga. Another fun fact? He grew up with a yoga teacher dad! Not sure if that had any influence on yoga’s various appearances on ‘The Office’ like the one where Holly leads employees in a yoga class prompting Michael Scott’s taboo ”Did you see Holly’s butt?” and then Oscar gets pissed that the Bikram teacher stands him up. And this one where Michael (Steve Carell) leads class with an “Ommmmygod…” (video below)

Another sprinkling of Rainn trivia? He’s part of the Bahá’í Faith, which you can watch him talk about on Oprah.  (warning, it’s full-fledged God talk,  plus mentions of his service site soulpancake.com, and everyone opening their third eyes).


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