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Pilot Does Yoga to Make First Historic 24-Hour Flight in Solar Plane

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Today in science…

Talk about high-tech awesomeness, pilot Andre Borschberg just made history with the first overnight flight in a solar-powered airplane. Congrats! Because he had to stay wide awake for 24 hours, Mr B. was fitted with a special suit with vibrating sleeves that would alert him if he nodded off or strayed off course. (note: if you know where to get one of these, drop us a line!)

Clearly, staying awake AND focused for 24 hours straight takes a heap of concentration and endurance. Good thing Andre had himself plenty of snacks, a super uncomfortable seat and yoga! Indeed, yoga helped keep his blood circulating (read: relieved symptoms of ‘numb butt’) and breathing exercises kept him calm and alert. We imagine the solar pilot did his own variation of sun salutations.

AB handled the jumbo-jet wingspan of the Solar Impulse aircraft against some pestering Switzerland winds with grace, even when he had to relieve himself in plastic bags. We fully expect the air toilet team to be working over time!

Yay for yoga! Yay for science!


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