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Integral Yoga Teacher Found Dead, Possible Homicide

in YD News

From New Berlin, PA: In odd and disturbing news, Sudharman, director of Integral Yoga Center, 428 Market St., New Berlin, was found dead Monday evening in the studio. Right, we know people dying isn’t news, but the fact that authorities are “still trying to determine how he died,”  and will be running an autopsy, not ruling out homicide, we figure that’s decent call for concern. We didn’t know Sudharman personally, but from his neighbors and students he seemed like a pretty decent guy. If you happen to have any tips contact the New Berlin Police Dept (570) 966-1735. [WNEP]

his words will live on in twitterland infinity @integralyogaohm and @SudharmaYoga

Shanti Om

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  • Barb Price

    It has been confirmed in our local paper, that Sudharman was shot to death by a fellow yoga enthusiast. See the story on the website of the Sunbury Daily Item. So sad!!!!

  • admin

    thanks so much for the update. and so sorry to hear the news.

  • mary

    So sad for such a peaceful man to have such a violent ending to his physical being…Om Shanti

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