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Ellen Pompeo Postpartum Yoga with Baby Stella and Golden Bridge Guru

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Is this the face of happy baby er what?

We’ve heard our share of  ‘[insert celeb] Loses ALL Her Baby Weight with [insert trendy exercise fad]!’ headlines. (said in our best Paris Hilton…) Like OMG, you look totes fab girlfriend! Truth be told, a healthy portion of credit lately has been dished out to a familiar practice we know as yoga. It’s true! Just ask Gisele. Yes, our shiny Hollywood glitzers are so gaga over yoga the paparazzi can hardly snap them anywhere else. Ellen Pompeo (Greys Anatomy), for instance, made gossip news for shedding baby poundage with yoga (which couldn’t have been more than the weight of our right forearm), and was just recently spotted w/ babe Stella Luna at Golden Bridge LA for a little Mommy and Me time. Adorable! Also pictured? Paparazzi victim #1001: the unsung yoga teacher.

Can anyone guess the guru bidding adieu post class? Tej Kaur? Hargopal Kaur? We’re pretty certain it’s not the uber NY chic Gurmukh.

We know yoga can help ease mommies postpartum, something we’d love these rags obsess over besides buff buns. ahem, Us Weekly, *cough*.

photo: justjared.com


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