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‘Eat, Pray, Love’ Soundtrack Highlights: Eddie Vedder, Neil Young, Marvin Gaye

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This movie has had more opportunities for hype and hubbub, and chances to buy shiny smelly things we’re just about ready to stick a fork in it! And there’s over a month left til release! But we can’t complain about the tasty morsel of music from Eddie Vedder, called “Better Days”, a track which, it was revealed, would be part of the presumably inspirational cocktail of tunes for the film’s soundtrack. We spied the full list of songs (in iTunes, but not avail til 7/20), and while there’s no yogatastic Sarah McLachlan, Eddie Vedder contributes two songs (the second being older track “Long Road” an older track), Neil Young plays a pivotal role in heartstring tugging, Sly & The Family Stone and Marvin Gaye get us to boogie, while a sweet selection of Brazilian bossa nova numbers set the romantic landscape. Sadly, Florence + The Machine’s “Dog Days” featured in the trailer is not included. Some good songs, but it’s safe to say we’re a little underwhelmed here.

(click to enlarge) youtube clips of songs below!

This version of “Long Road” features Neil Young, and is coincidentally introduced by one miss Julia Roberts for the Tribute to Heroes telethon, but the version for EPL is the one from the Dead Man Walking soundtrack


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  • I am so tired of Eat, Pray, Love.

  • a.

    When I heard Flo + the Machine on the trailer, that was one of the things that made me want to see the movie. LOVE FLORENCE!

  • Please

    Vedder is no Sarah McLachlan, in fact he’s quite the opposite. He’s not a peaceful person, he’s a fake. He once wrote a song just to make fun of Steve Jobs, who gives away millions to charity. Why? Who knows. And check out his song “Satans Bed”, where he talks about “rolling models in blood”.

  • Love the song “Dog Days Are Over” from the Eat, Pray, Love Soundtrack trailer.

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