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Because It’s Friday: Yoga, Soccer, World Cup with Cats! (video)

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What’s better than the World Cup? The World Cup with cats! Admittedly, we haven’t been keeping up with the “football” hoopla, what with all the sun celebrations and rain salutations, but one thing’s for sure, we could watch these kitties play footie for hours! Somebody get us a pint! Where’s our vuvuzela?

In related yoganess: Ryan Giggs and Roy Keane (retired) of Manchester United and David Bellion formerly of Man United, now with Bordeaux have gone on record crediting yoga practice for keeping them fit and thwarting injury.

Also, FIFA referees need to keep in shape too, right? And you can find them on tuning up on the field with their yoga mats “for a series of push-ups, sit-ups and Pilates-style poses.” Mayybe a little downdog? Padahastasana? [Washington Post]


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