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Odd News Update: 4-Year-Old Yogi Pushup Champion, Ex-Detroit Mayor Yoga Fraud

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And for today’s download of random yoga news:

4-year-old Yogi Ronak Vitha from India Sets National Pushup record – 1,500 in 40 minutes!

“When he was 2 years old, we used to practice yoga at home, stretching exercises, and he used to perform yoga on his own, something that was very difficult for us to do.

That’s when we realized that his body is flexible,” Vitha said. “Then we made him do one or two pushups, and the next day he did 10 on his own,” she said.

1,500 in 40 minutes isn’t a World record?? For point of reference, just imagine 1,500 chaturangas in less than a power hour lunch class. oof. Next up, 4-year-old arm wrestling!

Former Detroit Mayor Charged with Fraud, Spending Charity Money on Yoga Classes

[Kwame] Kilpatrick was charged Wednesday with fraud and tax crimes. Federal prosecutors accuse him of enriching himself and others by milking $640,000 from a tax-exempt charity that he created as a way to enhance Detroit and improve the city’s image.

The indictment says Kilpatrick instead used it to pay for yoga, golf, camp for his kids, travel, a video about his family, cars, political polling and much more

Dude, yoga’s great, but you could probably find a class for free! Lululemon pants on the other hand, we could maybe understand the $640,000 bill.


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