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Flavorpill Officially Responds: Yoga at the Great Lawn Do-Over in September!

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The official response from Y@GL hosts Flavorpill:


Greetings all,

The goal of Yoga at the Great Lawn was to share the gift of yoga with the greatest number of people in the heart of our home, New York, the greatest city in the world. We very much appreciate the overwhelmingly positive response and support we received about the event, despite the rain and the difficulties with the long lines, distributing free mats, bags, and water. The warm feedback made all the hard work and even the bittersweet ending worth it. We will do it again in September, date to be announced soon.

Yoga at the Great Lawn was a big endeavor and posed many challenges — most particularly, how to get 10,000 people in very quickly, such that we don’t damage the jewel lawn of our great park — and we know that we disappointed many people who waited on exhausting long lines to enter, only be turned away due to the weather. We apologize to all of you who waited in lines and never made it in. It was our intention to have you all on the Great Lawn and settled on a mat in time for the class. To show you our gratitude for your willingness to stick it out on the line, we would like to offer you guaranteed “express entry” to our rescheduled Yoga at the Great Lawn happening this September. So, if you waited on the line for an extended period of time and never made it on the Great Lawn please email yoga_redemption@flavorpill.com and we will make sure you get a great spot in September for Yoga at the Great Lawn 2.0 without any line drama.

Once again, we are honored to have the opportunity to share Yoga at the Great Lawn with our fellow New Yorkers and yogis all over the world. We have learned so much during this whole process and appreciate your patience, enthusiasm and unrelenting support. Thanks to your feedback we will be back with a better event as we’re committed to finishing what we started: a full yoga class for more than 10,000 people on the Great Lawn in the heart of New York City!

Feel free to send us any additional feedback.

Namaste NYC
Team Flavorpill


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  • thanks for posting this! was turned away by the ominous clouds & hope to make it there in the fall Love the blog & Namaste!

  • Looks like they’re all having fun. I wish I was there too! Namaste!

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