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Yoga at the Great Lawn: Rain Couldn’t Stop World’s Record For Largest, Shortest, Yoga Class (awesome photos!)

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Just minutes after announcing the official new World’s Record (urdb.org) for largest registered yoga class, cheers! Down came the rain and washed the yogis out!* Elena took the stage around 7:30 accompanied by the one and only Dharma Mittra and fellow yogi demo-ers (including Sadie Nardini and Alison West).  There was a wave of “om’s” from the stage to the back of the field, a couple chaturangas, a downdog, a namaste, and that’s a wrap! Some drizzle would’ve been fine, but once the lightning and thunder started rolling in, Central Park authorities put the kibosh on the class. Still, it was just long enough to capture the magnitude of the event, and the some 13,000+ practitioners who came out for the largest SHORTEST yoga class ever. It was actually quite beautiful. See pics below courtesy of stellar photog and yogini Caitlin Casella. (don’t miss Dharma Mittra in the no-handed sirsasana!)

One thing’s for sure, the media were all over this thing like yogis to free coconut water. There seemed to be a news crew for every 5 practitioners on the field.

*The good news? We’re supposed to hear about a rain date.

Read an interview with flavorpill’s Sascha Lewis on hosting the event. Times Square fared much better the day before… check out photos here.


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  • Great pictures by Caitlin! Love the new pose–lotus with umbrella in hand. See you at the rain date. xoalexia & melisse

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