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NASCAR Stars Crash Yoga Class (video)

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We haven’t even seen this one on TV yet, but maybe that’s because we’re wrapped up in B-boy yogis, not racing cars.

Attention yoga dudes, it’s an ad for a fancy new face-chewer (as our Dad would put it), featuring NASCAR stars! Somehow yoga class + NASCAR’s “Young Guns” Kyle Busch, Clint Bowyer, and Joey Logano = a commercial for a razor known as Fusion ProGlide. Because it has “less tug and pull”! Get it?

While we’ll save the whole “tug and pull” conversation for mature audiences, we gotta hand it to the guys for having the lug nuts to lay down some pretty impressive dhanurasanas (and, amazingly, no wussy references!) Although we find it quite a stretch to “believe” in any sort of sharp object pushed by men who drive speeding cars and often crash them, bursting into flames.

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