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Breakdancing and Yoga, Not So Different! Featuring B-boy Jose Ruiz from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

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OK we admit it, we’re suckers for So You Think You Can Dance! Getting our fill of televised competitive dancing is a regular requirement around here. And you can imagine the excitement when our YD radar went off during last night’s episode! B-boy Jose Ruiz aka “full deck”, who describes himself as both “smooth” and “explosive” revealed what “America doesn’t know about him” and wouldn’t ya know, it’s yoga!

“I think it’s really important to stay flexible, so every day I get up and practice yoga. Yoga poses, they target the same muscles i use in breaking. And it really clears my head, because, you know, I really do need a clear head to make it through this competition. “

Yeah you do. Right on Jose! We know there are tons of dancers who practice yoga for flexibility, strength and focus, but there’s something extra special and awesome about this b-boy from Miami breaking it down on the yoga mat. Then again, those chaturangas really have improved our baby freezes!

Parsva Bakasana to Eka Pada Koundinyasana! eeeasy *

(*enhanced performance with funky beat)

See? breakdancing and yoga, not really so different! It’s all just a grand dance isn’t it.

VIDEO PROOF!: Bboys in action. Whether they practice the yog or not, a connection is undeniable.  How many yoga poses can you spot?

Check this guy’s kurmasana (push-ups!) into titibhasana at the 1:15′ mark.

These Portuguese(?) skater kids show us how yoga’s done, bboy style…

If you want to be totally blown away watch this Planet B-Boy clip (thanks Gwen!)

And of course our favorite Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.

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