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Sarah McLachlan to Do “some serious yoga and meditation” on Lilith Tour

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Speaking of staple tunes for yoga playlists, one miss Sarah McLachlan is pretty much the self-reflecting singer-songwriter anthem queen! She’s penned more soulful ballads than tissues in our tissue box, and has just released (yesterday) another album “Laws of Illusion” full of heartfelt elucidations, this time inspired by her 2008 split from hubs of 11 years. Aw, bummer. But, hey, with a new album and Lilith Fair back on the road this summer, it can’t all be sorrow and sulk right? Onwards and upwards! And on to yoga! Because Ms. McLovely will not be only accompanied by dozens of other pop stars at Lilith, but also her two daughters AND her yoga teacher.

Via CNN:

CNN: Are you going to take your two girls on the road with you during Lilith?

McLachlan: Yup. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and I want to give 100 percent to everything. So knowing the demands of the job of Lilith, and knowing the demands of a mother, it’s like, “Okay, how am I going to balance all this?” I’m going to have to do some serious yoga and meditation every morning.

CNN: Is your yoga instructor coming out to lead group classes for everyone on tour?

McLachlan: I’m going to bring my yoga teacher out for some of it, definitely. I’ve been doing it for 12 years, and at the risk of sounding airy-fairy, it’s made me a better person. It really helps me. Just calms me and grounds me.

We always thought those lyrics sounded like,  “Yoooga… is better than ice cream” 🙂

PS. Doesn’t the Lilith Fair seem like the perfect scene for community yoga? There are no official designated meet-ups far as we know, but if you’re hitting the tour we challenge you to start your own yoga mobs! Do it! and take pics.

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  • I just love her to bits….

  • I would so start a yoga mob at Lilith! Trouble is, I have no $$ to get to Lilith…. anyone willing to pay for my ticket, so I can yoga it up?!

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