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Mysterious Pearl Jam Song Eddie Vedder’s New Track for ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, Gives Us Hope

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It seems people have been flipping a frenzy over the new mysterious Pearl Jam song that leaked over the internets last week. Mandolins and accordions accompany Eddie Vedder’s unmistakable vocals to the beat of what could be described as a tribal drum circle. Oh? Is it a PJ album B-side as so many guessed? Nope! According to EW sources, it’s a totally new solo Vedder tune he penned especially for the Eat, Pray, Love soundtrack!

Some (or all) of the lyrics have the obvious hint of soul-searching self-discovery yadda. Here’s what we gathered so far from a few listens…check it out! If you haven’t heard it yet try Antiquiet or HypeMachine who still have the link up. did we get the lyrics right?:

I feel part of the universe, open up to meet me/ my emotion so submerged broken down to kneeling.

What’s listening? Voices they care/ had to somehow greet myself, greet myself / Heard vibrations within my cells, in my cells singing laaa…

My love is saved for the universe, see me now I’m bursting / on one planet so many turns, different worlds. singing laaa…

Fill my heart with discipline, put there for the teaching / in my head see clouds of stairs, help me as I’m reaching.

The future’s paved with better days

Sweetness. Now the burning questions: Does Eddie do yoga? Was he so moved by the book he had to write a song about it for the movie? While we can’t be sure the status of Vedder’s down dog, we’d bet our savasana this track will be a new fave on some yoga class playlists! At this point, now with “Better Days” and Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over” from the trailer, at least if the film sucks this will be the most uplifting soundtrack since Rocky! Minus the mega testosterone. Braveheart la femme? Er, something like that.

**as noted by swati jr in the comments, Mr. Vedder has participated in benefit concerts for David Lynch’s Transcendental Meditation Foundation. Wonder if he’ll contribute his musical talents to Lynch’s Maharishi Mahesh movie too!

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