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It’s a Chick Magnet, Bro! And Other Reasons Why Dudes Should Practice Yoga

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We love this HuffPo post. Jason Wachob, of mindbodygreen.com, did a stellar job! Or uh, we mean a hardy, burly, beefy, red-blooded, dude-like job.

J-dub, an ex-b-baller, ex-Wall-Streeter, ex-frat-boy (though does that ever wear off?), used to spend hours at the gym lifting heavy things and using mechanical apparati to keep up his muscley physique. But now he’s a total yogadork, and he’s man enough to share with all those “perpetual yoga-fence” sitters out there the top 5 reasons why dudes should do yoga, brah.

They’re 5 very good reasons, and to save time we’ve provided for you here YD’s Dude abridged version:

1. you’ll get a hotter, stronger, healthier bod.

2. it’ll help you chill out man, no ganja required.

3. the chicks DIG it. did we mention cheap date? it’s a better magnet than a 6 week-old puppy.

OK so he’s a dude. And yes we realize there are only 3 reasons, but we took the liberty of condensing (women take up approx. 3-4 of them).

We found his steps for getting started especially helpful for those freshly off the fence, boldly going where no man has gone before! (sorta, not really)… into the yoga abyss. Again, translated via YD:

1. Do a little research. Study up on basic yoga poses so you’re not caught looking like a dufus with your would-be wife just 2 mats away.

2. More prep…look around for classes. Tried one and it’s not for you? Try try again. one will click.

3. Don’t be all hotheaded and let your ego take over… there’s no “scoring” in yoga. Unless of course you do really well with steps 1 and 2. ohh! (sorry)

Have any more tips for the masculine and yogaphobic?

We have 1 more to add we can’t believe J-dawg missed. Reason #6 it will make sex better!

We realize some guys out there who are totally comfortable in their yoga practice could find this annoying, but then you should probably have a conversation with your brethren about that.

Of Note: Celebriyogi guys…Lance Armstrong, Russell Simmons, Dave Mustaine of Megdeth, Eminem, Evan Lysacek, LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal to name a few.

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  • Also yogatastic: US Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek

  • Scott Jurek is great! I interviewed him for an article on Hugger Mugger Yoga Products’ blog several years ago. Here’s the link: http://blog.huggermugger.com/?page_id=31

  • Sam

    Thanks! I’ve just emailed it to my “muscleman” brother. I told him to put away his BowFlex and get to the nearest yoga class.

  • Great article…. I like the sarcastic, yet truthful take on yoga culture. You could’ve written a 10 pager on this topic! So many great things to talk about….

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