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What Fabulous ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ Stuff We Can Buy Is Coming Soon to HSN?

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As if we didn’t warn you! Thought you could escape the clutches of a major motion picture marketing campaign? It’s ‘ready, set go’ for the Eat, Pray, Love promotion machine and not even your most tenacious eka graha (single-pointed focus) can deflect its 8-limbed approach into your wallets. At least HSN (yes, Home Shopping Network!) is getting set to make a killing, and why not? What with the ‘yoga mom’ target market primed for the plundering. Also, rumor has it people like to shop.

“Join HSN August 6-8 as we journey through Italy, India and Bali
for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. The event features
some of your favorite brands showcasing new discoveries in the
spirit of the countries and characters of
Eat, Pray, Love.”

So something tells us that all the tchotchkes and EPLovey baubles are going to rake in more dough than the movie! Ah, merchandising. We just can’t wait for more shiny pretty things, but we’ve got a few other suggestions: How about Liz’s own line of ‘indulge-your-Self’ triple portion frozen pasta dinners?  EGilbert Too-Much-Sex Elixir and Perfect Man Attractor Scent In-One? (read the book). The Eat, Pray, Love play-at-home game with all your favorite characters from the movie! Be like Liz and find your Self. It’s like old time favorites Girl Talk, 7 minutes in heaven and the Easy Bake Oven all rolled into one!* (Not everyone can afford the EPL vacation tours you know.) We’re looking at YOU Wal-Mart!

*we expect commission for any ideas used.

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  • this seriously makes me want to vomit….

  • Ditto Linda. Just disgusting. I didn’t like the book very much when I read it and now I really don’t like it… or E. Gilbert.

  • prayerbeading

    Reduce a country to “prayer”. Buy prayer beads in lieu of praying. Pray not.

  • EPLx3

    I read the book 3x and am so looking forward to the movie. The book was so engaging, down to earth, and really hit home with women’s desires to find peace and balance in this world that has consumed our souls. I love Elizabeth G.’s style of writing and love the thought of Julia R acting out the role. I want a EPL t-shirt!

  • Patricia

    I also loved the book – not sure anyone is trying to ‘reduce a country to prayer,’ perhaps the commenter didn’t read the book…jeez, lighten up!
    Looking forward to the movie.

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