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Michelle Obama and Harry Reid YogaDork-Out for the Kids

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Fox News have been on a role lately…when not chasing the ‘making sex better’ yoga beat, they come through with an almost-as-sexy Michelle Obama + Harry Reid= presidential yoga duo! OK, not sexy (in the least), but it’s all for the kids, folks. As part of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move!” initiative to battle childhood obesity, the pair joined branches in vrksasana as they posed for the press. Via Fox blogs:

Against the picturesque backdrop of the Red Rock Canyon, Reid and Obama also got moving, doing some exercises together. The Las Vegas Review-Journal described their light workout as this, “Standing side by side, the first lady and Reid puts their hands together as if in prayer and did a “mountain pose” with the children standing around them in a half circle and stretching, too.”

And the yoga reportedly almost turned into a contact sport, “Sen. Reid almost knocked me over,” Obama joked after the pose.

Frankly, we’re royally disappointed with the quality of yoga photos from the scene, are we right? Where’s the eka pada galavasana?? And seriously Harry, what’s the deal? We thought you had more bipartisanship in your feet than that. Oh you may laugh, but we know about Sen. Reid’s dark history of yogadorkness! (and a somewhat disturbing relationship with obesity). Via The New York Times Magazine (Jan 24, 2010):

He does find time, at least twice a week, to slip on a pair of black Lycra stretch pants to do yoga with Landra at their apartment in the Ritz-Carlton. He has an intolerance for fat people, manifested in asides to aides who seem to be getting portly and an office staff that is suspiciously slim.

Oh there’s that tree pose! Humorous/ribbing illustration courtesy of Wonkette.

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