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Silver Age Seva: Free Yoga for Seniors

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This week in YD Heroes…

Thank you Frank Iszak for inspiring so many “silver-aged” yogis! And for helping us coin the term for some of our favorite YD heroes, the SilverYogis! We’ve been blown away by 92-years young Tao Porchon-Lynch, dazzled by octogenarian Bette “Bakasana” and we couldn’t be more thrilled to hear about whole communities of seasoned seniors benefiting from a yoga practice. And many can credit their newfound mobility and improved quality of life to Mr. Frank Iszak, 78, co-founder of Silver Age Yoga, in San Diego. He and his wife Serpil have developed their own style of yoga to assist seniors in living fuller happier lives no matter how many birthday candles are on the cake. And guess what? It’s FREE.

via TakePart.com

“The rich old guys can come to the athletic club and pay two hundred dollars for a class. But most of our clients are living on a limited income. If you’re not giving it to them for free, they are not going to come,” says Iszak, who relies on outside donations and his own private investigation practice to keep the pro bono business model up and running.

Of course, when it comes to yoga practice, and well-being in general, it’s not just about getting physical.

“The rewards are mostly emotional,” says Iszak. “It’s changing their lives. That’s really our basic motive, basic goal—making their life better in whatever years they have left.”

Right on Mr. Frank.

And the students? They’re lovin’ it. Here’s a little video of some happy customers. If you’ve got a senior in your life averse to trying “you’ve gotta be a doggone pretzel to practice that” yoga, we hope this will help to change their minds!

Another little vid of more Silver Age Yoga. If you’re a teacher looking to donate some time, you might consider stopping by your local senior center to offer up seva, and truly make a difference. [/heartwarmer]

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  • Lisa

    Yay for free seniors yoga!! I volunteer to teach seniors yoga once a week, and it is the most fulfilling of all the yoga classes I teach. Thanks for recognizing the importance of bringing free yoga to seniors. 🙂

  • I love, love, love this blog. The videos are very touching. For those who didn’t happen to see it when it came out:

    My Father: Starting Yoga at 87

    Bob Weisenberg

  • Yogini3

    Now I realize why Tao has to charge for her classes. I am looking for a real community minded class for someone mid-50s where nobody is interested if I never go for teacher training. A class where they don’t mistake what looks like me trying to get into headstand for me wanting to go any further. Don’t need a sanctimonious bully for a teacher, either (that rules you out, Otto); although my home practice had wanted one until about 5 minutes ago. (Been regularly practicing several years, mostly at home.) I could pay what you ask, Tao, just give me a generous expiration date on the classes, and we will ALL be happy.

  • This is brilliant.

    My mum is 70 and has been practicing yoga most of her adult life. Her side plank is a million times better than mine….

    Yoga is so brilliant for older people, not just in a physical way.

  • wow.. this is sooo nice.. i love this blog..

    Yoga is best in all ages, it can make us feel great inside and out.

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