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Please Give a Buck, Support a Dork!

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OK so here goes…

There are plenty of people and distractions on the internets clamoring for your valuable attention and, yes, sometimes help. (read: money). We’re gonna spare you the song and asana and get straight to it. We need your help! OK, we, I, need your support and generosity, and yes, money. Wait! Hear me out. The founder of YD (me!*) is a yogi (obvs) and is endeavoring to further grow through continued yoga education in a 300-hr teacher training program beginning this July. *deep inhale* There’s just one problem: it’s expensive ($3500+) and I can’t afford it!  Unless…[insert shameless plug for $] help comes from forces greater than myself.

If you enjoy reading YD, want your news to come from a progressively yogi-educated source, if you have a $1, some change from your morning joe, a quarter you found under the couch cushions, (anything!) and want to show your support, it would be appreciated with the deepest and utmost sincerity!

And so even though it feels like I should have a cardboard sign and maybe pop a squat in front of the Starbucks on 57th St (not a half bad idea, if the dude with “need $$ for weed” didn’t already have the corner on lockdown), I’m going to go ahead and channel 90s trio TLC’s sensational debut single when I repeat their legendary words, “I ain’t 2 proud 2 beg!”

Besides, if the training happens *fingers crossed* I hereby pledge to:

  • Blog about my 300hr training experience at least twice a month on YD.
  • Continue to share the knowledge I gather through training.
  • Send each and every person who donates a thank you gift of some sort either in the form of stickers, tees, other YD goods or hugs & kisses (to be determined).

PLEASE do not feel any obligation whatsoever. This is simply just a ‘put it out there see if it floats’ kind of thing. And hey, this guy did it!

Disclosure: Teacher training will be the 300-hr program at YogaWorks NYC, July-Dec 2010.

*Due to the nature of the site I am remaining anonymous, YD ain’t about me folks! but if you’d like to get in touch with the yogi shaking the pan handle then please do email at yogadork@gmail.com.

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  • nycyogateacher

    Don’t do the Yoga Works training unless you REALLY believe in the teachers and the Yoga Works style of teaching.

    A 300 hour will in no way guarantee you more work as a yoga teacher. The way to do that is simply by teaching and practicing and over time it will come.

    If you really want to do it, ask them to give it to you for free in exchange for the obscene amount of free PR you will be offering them. Seriously.

  • i disagree with NYCyogateacher. if you go for free or “trade” then it’ll be like “work” and it will permeate the entire experience. you should def go if that is your decision- and stay anonymous.

  • John

    Donated to a worthwhile cause! You should put a counter on your website to track progress toward your goal. Hope you get to do it.

  • Yeah, kinda anti Yogaworks.

  • Christina

    I donated because I read yogadork daily and I love what it stands for. If I can participate in giving the creator of site just a little of the joy that Yogadork offers me, I’m jumping on that bandwagon.
    Also, as someone who is currently enrolled in a 300hr teacher training (not Yoga Works)…I did it not to increase the number of students I teach, but to enhance the student’s experience through my knowledge and personal practice.

  • daynya

    i don’t think it’s anyone’s business what teacher training resonates with you, you go get it! i know my donation was small, but it’s all i have to spare right now…but i full support your cause, and if i can come back later and give more, i will! i had to PLEAD with the studio i did my training at, and finally, they let me pay 1/2 down, and make payments weekly throughout the training. i’m so proud of your decision, it will be awesome. good luck, and i agree, a counter on here would be super cool!

  • Aimee

    I disagree with the person who said just teach and don’t get trained. Not true. You need to learn how to keep your students safe and adjust them correctly; you need to know how to deal with any emotional issues that come up with your students with their practice; you need to learn sequencing; you need to learn student/teacher ethics; you especially need to learn anatomy and physiology; you need to learn how to prevent teacher burnout; and you need to learn to know what your students are ready for. You can teach all night and day but unless you’ve been properly trained, you risk harming your students. That said, I have no idea about this particular program as I do not live in NYC, but I am a trained and registered yoga instructor. Good luck, Dork.

  • Leslie

    I totally agree with Daynya. I don’t think it’s anyone’s business what teacher training any one of us completes. We all have our preferences and opinions, of course. But to each his own I say!!!

  • Save your money YD – o/wise you are opening yourself up to an ancient Chinese curse

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