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YogaDork Giveaway! ‘Yoga Quiz Cards’ iPhone App

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Genius! There’s no scarcity of yoga iPhone apps, heck Deepak Chopra has one, but why hasn’t there been something like this before?? Yoga quiz cards to help you study asana names? Yes, please! The fun and creative team at Drishti Yoga came up with the brilliant idea of what is essentially yoga flashcards for the iPhone. Introducing our new favorite yogadorky subway commute activity! And we’re giving away free download promo codes to you!

WIN ‘Yoga Quiz Cards’ App:

  • Study in flashcard mode 120 fundamental poses with photos and names in English and Sanskrit.
  • Challenge yourself with the yoga quiz, in “play” mode.
  • Choose from level 1 or 2, to study or quiz yourself.

To Enter: Comment below. That’s it! Winners will be chosen at random, but to make this more fun and interesting, please share your most favorite, or worst experience with the names of yoga poses – oh come on, we know you’ve got stories! Is there a particular pose that just rolls off the tongue like music to your ears? One that makes you cringe at the first ‘eka pada…’?

Check out more images of the app at iTunes.

Big thanks to Drishti for providing the free downloads! (there will be at least 3)

UPDATE: WINNERS! There are 15.. thank you Drishti! If you find your name below please email yogadork@gmail.com and we’ll send your promo code!

And the winners are…

1 kundalynnie
2 amanda
3 yogiinthecity
4 reconcilethis
5 sarah
6 y is for yogini
12 phil
13 jaya
15 emma
16 liz klarich
17 vanessa
19 darla magee
22 nicole
24 callah
26 amy

30 comments… add one
  • kundalynnie

    Very cool! I’ve been making my own on 3×5 cards to study for the course I’ll be taking in India, end of May. But this app on my ipad would be way better. (fingers crossed) namaste!

  • amanda

    this is great!! now i will be able to focus more on my practice…instead of having to look around the room when the teacher is using sanskrit terms that i don’t know! now I will know, yiippppeeeeeee;)

  • Yogiinthecity

    Yes please!!

  • reconcilethis

    Yeah! I hope I can win! I’ve been taking classes for almost 10 years now and I still only know a few sanskrit names – languages are not my strength but this should help.

  • Sarah

    This sounds like a great idea. I’ve really been wanting to learn more of the yoga pose names, and this sounds like a perfect way to do it!

  • Oooh yeah – I’ve been wanting this one! Pick me!

  • Michael

    I just got an iPad and would love to study my yoga pose names on it!

  • Emiliapantsonfiya

    I offer this app to many if my students who want to learn the names of the poses as a way of deepening their understanding of Yoga and I love to play the game and it keeps me from getting rusty with some of the names! I think it is a great app and another great idea from Drishti! They rock!!!

  • Carrie

    Oh what a great app! I could definitely use it!!

  • downdawg

    Woohoo! Already downloaded it, and loving it! Drishti rocks.

  • Great idea! I like using Sanskrit names but find it slows down my cuing in class

  • Phil

    I hate half-moon pose! Bout time I learned the Sanskrit name so I can hate it properly

  • Jaya

    Thanks for the giveaway! This definitely seems like a great way to spend subway time.

  • my new favourite twist is ‘bhadravajasana,’ and i encourage my students to embrace their inner boudoir model as they lean back on their sitting bones and fold their legs… however, i always stumble over the “vajasa” part of the name of the pose, just for dramatic effect… sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

  • Emma

    Awesome! Now they just need sound clips with an intermediate sahnskrit teacher pronouning the names correctly.

    My favorite asanas to say are a loud UTKATASANA, and BAd- Ha KORN-asana. I like to say Kornasana ( more correct than kohnasana) anyday of the week!

    Eka Pada’s are challenging to remember.

    Pick me please!

    Keep rockin it!

  • Liz Klarich

    I spent hours making little flashcards on paper over the years and this app has saved me all the trouble! (and saved trees). Thanks!

  • vanessa

    Brilliant! I can’t tell you how often I find myself standing in lines, sitting in waiting rooms or riding the bus and wishing I had my yoga quiz cards in my pocket. Now I’ll never get caught in that situation again! It was my New Years resolution to learn all the sanskrit names- now I really will. Thank you, Drishti!

  • I have this app and it is really helpful. It is nice to choose either English or Sanskrit names, since sometimes I even forget the English name. The level 2 Sanskrit quiz is really challenging! When I am done learning all of the names, I intend on holding a pose naming competition with all my yogi buddies, and winning!

  • me me me!

    my worst experience is talking to students for a bit about the details of the posture we were about to do… and then immediately cued them to do a different posture!
    english or sanskrit- that’s an embarrassing mistake!

  • Kai

    When teaching, I love to announce the really lonnnng Sanskrit names in my ‘auctioneer’ voice. The students love it and I’m keeping my options open for a possible career change in the future 😉

    I would love to try out this app, it sounds nifty!

  • Pincha Mayurasana. Anyone? Pincha-My-Asana? Yes? No? 😉

    Sadly I am iPhone-less so no need to enter me into the draw!

  • Nicole

    I want it! My friend has this app and keeps quizzing and beating me. 🙂

  • Cheryl

    Emma — “kornasana” cracks me up! That is most creative way I have heard to help folks with the retroflex nasal :0)

  • Me, me! I love using my iPhone for everything possible. Yoga included 🙂

  • Chris

    I don’t have an iPhone, so don’t put me in the contest, but I have a question: Is there anything like this you can use on a desktop?

  • Amy

    Boy do I need this! Stressing over postions during yoga class seems to defeat the purpose. So thank you for the sweet tool! Seems super user friendly and it can be done at my convenience… Nice!

  • admin

    And the winners are…If you find your name below please email yogadork@gmail.com and we’ll send your promo code! Thanks everyone!

    1 kundalynnie
    2 amanda
    3 yogiinthecity
    4 reconcilethis
    5 sarah
    6 y is for yogini
    12 phil
    13 jaya
    15 emma
    16 liz klarich
    17 vanessa
    19 darla magee
    22 nicole
    24 callah
    26 amy

  • Namaste.
    Is it possible that one of the winners has not claimed their prize for the free yoga quiz ap. I am a teacher and avid iPhone user for a long time I have used 3×5 cards to refresh, class plan and expand my learning. I would welcome the code if you can send it to me.
    Peace and blessings
    Lucy Clark

  • Anjeanette

    Half- moon is my favorite! Sometimes I have trouble with balance poses. I found Leeann Carey has a free yoga video that talks about a Sitting Bone/Heel Connection in standing poses that is really helpful. Thought your readers would like it: http://planetyoga.com/yoga-blogs/index.php/free-yoga-video-kps-sitting-boneheel-connection/

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