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Yoga News is Taking Over the World (media outlets)!

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snl-weekendupdate041010-nudeyogaUh oh. Are the media rags too sopping with yoga news, like a sweat-soaked sports bra after Bikram class? In other words, are we precariously toeing the line of Yoga over-saturation? Drat! Yes, we know, yoga is everywhere! And by that we can mostly mean lots more media coverage, not to mention growing inclusions in commercials, celebriyogi paparazzi stalks, and the numerous amalgamations of yoga and just about everything else from dogs to rollerblading, nakededness to drill sergeant militant (now there’s a combo).  Well, the shallow-breathers over at Gawker have had just about enough of it! The argument being that yoga is the new “fitness craze” and why would/should the average joe readin’ the paper give a flying bakasana about another boring article on “let me tell you about my workout!”

Look, I’m sure yoga is fun and, you know…cool, doing all the stretches and the poses, and things, with the heat on, while you’re meditating or chanting or just listening to a few of the laid-back stylings of the Dave Matthews Band, etc. Bully for everyone and their hobbies! But we must remind the yoga fans that infest the features department of every media outlet that, despite their personal enthusiasm, the vagaries of the latest yoga trends hold no more interest for the world at large than do the technical aspects of a properly executed hang clean.

Save it for Yoga Fancy.

OK , we get that. Is yoga so different than a turn on a treadmill to some people? Probably not.  But we totally take issue with the DMB comment. Michael Franti or Ben Harper would’ve been way more apt and stereotypical. Minus points!

Yoga’s big mistake was to presume that it was somehow different. Of course we would never dream of boring the fuck out of the world with an endless stream of trend stories and features on jogging around a lake or jumping rope….

But yoga, its aficionados erroneously assumed, was sufficiently deep and nuanced that its endless varieties warranted endless coverage.

But we DO think it’s different! To an increasing population, yoga is a lifestyle,  incorporating philosophy and even diet (ayurveda) if you wanted to go that far. And this is exactly why we think it’s such hot news. Yoga’s been intertwined in fringe culture, with an air of mysticism, like yogapreneur Pierre Bernard helped to perpetuate and at the same time made accessible to people way back in the 30s. A hobby? Sure. Maybe even a sport. But we can think of some other pastimes that are way less interesting and relevant than yoga, and not as easily integrated. Downhill skiing chess game anyone?

Oh, another reason: It’s super duper big business! Why wouldn’t the news cover yoga when there are so many corporations and retailers (potential advertisers) hopping on the yoga train! And raking it in. No brainer.

Is there too much yoga coverage? Frankly the media have been shining a positive light on yoga practice and its benefits, so we really don’t have much to whine about. Though for sure we’ve noticed a surge in the past year or so, with a notable big push during the initial stress-filled says of the Recession.

So here we are, talking about talking about yoga. We gotta warn you, we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.


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  • MARK L

    Media sell media (Oh look what we’re showing you now!) and will detract or besmirch — most often disingenuously — any idea, foundation, institution that will SELL. When I read anything in the mainstream press about a spiritual concept or idea, I’m able to dissect out the false, but I wonder how many people buy-in to the half-moon material withouth knkowing that they’re being sold a bill of goods.

  • It’s all good for business. I’m just busy sucking people in to my Gita Talk Bhagavad Gita discussion blog, then, when they get totally hooked on the weekly high, I’m gonna’ start CHARGING for it.

    What do you think?

    Bob Weisenberg

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