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Intent Web Awards 2010: Vote for YogaDork!

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intentawardsvotebadge_1Calling all yogadorks! We need your help…Vote for YD!

It was last night, we were enjoying ourselves a rare YD outing to indulge on pomegranate-flavored coconut water, raw chocolate and organic merlot (spoiled! this will never happen again) when we got this in our inbox: Congratulations, You Have Been Nominated For The 2010 Intent Web Awards!

What!? Holy gomukhasan. ‘That’s fantastic!’ we shouted. Then we looked at the other nominees. hm. Needless to say we are against some stiff competition. Like, come on, our pals ele and Tara Stiles are nominated, who’s going to vote for the little YD? But we know there are a lot of awesome yogadorks out there who have supported us all along and are really the reason why we’re here and nominated in the first place. So we thank you! Also, we ask you to please vote your little heart out! Let’s show the big kids us YDs know how to play.

Seriously though, it’s an honor just to be nominated. Intent.com is a great site and resource founded by none other than Mallika Chopra (Deepak’s daughter!), so you can imagine how flattered and astonished we are for getting the recognition. But we wanna win!

Please show your support. VOTE!

(it’s category 5: Yoga & Fitness)

This one goes out to the amazing yogadork community…Thank you!

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  • You got my vote, YD! Good luck 🙂

  • Done. They only let me vote once, though. =(


    I’ll try again from a different IP later. =)

  • lynn


    ahem. were you yogacizing on the highline with elena?

    : )

  • congrats on the nomination and definitely going to vote..

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