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Breaking! Demi Moore Shows Signs of Aging (finally!), Fights Back With Yoga

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demi-mooreAnd then sometimes celebrities plucking grey hairs from their priceless little heads is news! It happens to be one of those days. And the age(defy)ing celeb happens to be none other than Mrs. Ashton Kutcher, the forever young Demi Moore. She’s 47 years old and, eh, she gets a few grey hairs every now and then, but nothing a tweezer coudn’t fix. So she doesn’t dye her hair and oh, she doesn’t work out too hard for that bod, either. Well, whatever.

I’d love to say that I exercise a lot but I don’t. Although Ashton and I have started Bikram yoga. You’re sweating so badly, you realise very quickly that no one cares what you look like, you’re all just trying to get through the 90 minutes.”

At least we know her pores still work! Aw, we kid Mrs K. Seriously though, we’ve heard yoga can slow the aging process, but this is ridiculous. PS. a celeb who doesn’t care what they look like? That’s right, long gone are the days of obsessing over her outer beauty:

“I dieted, weighed my food and was generally a lunatic. It was only once I stepped away and realised you need to improve from the inside out that I got closer to the body I always wanted.”

Sweet. OK, don’t get too excited, the lady has had some plastic surgery – she’s in Hollywood! – (though no facial, she claims), and isn’t dismissing more nip/tuck in the future. All we gotta say is keep practicing the yog sister! This yoga lady’s 92 and she looks pretty fantastic to us. Just sayin’. Actually, we’re just glad she hasn’t gone all Heidi Montag on us…yet.

bonus: We already knew Ashton was a regular celebriyogi…



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  • a beautiful and humble reminder, YD! thanks!

  • oh no, wrong post! the above comment was supposed to go on the sweet Earth Day post! but, um, thanks for the beautiful reminder about Demi Moore’s agelessnes…

  • what keeps her looking young is a younger man. believe me….;)

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