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Yoga for Patients, But Do Nurses Get a Dose of Zen?

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We’ve seen countless reports on what yoga can do for people with so many different conditions and dis-eases. New York’s Beth Israel hospital was so convinced of yoga’s healing power they set up a Zen wing! (courtesy of Donna Karan and Urban Zen). Cancer patients are offered recovery techniques like yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, reiki, and undergo nutrition training. Patients are also assigned a “patient navigator” to help them during their stay in the hospital. Fantabulous.

“It helps people get through treatment and to fight,” Elaine Meszaros, R.N., C.N.S., Beth Israel Medical Center explained. “Patients seem more satisfied and more cared for, ” Shirley Escala, R.N,. Beth Israel Medical Center said.

nurse-shoeBut what about the hardworking nurses and doctors shuffling around the hospital all day, you say? Shouldn’t they have a dose of their own medicine? We think so! Practice what you preach seems to be the theme here as caregivers at Beth Israel join in for their bit of R&R. And it makes sense! Would YOU want someone administering potent medicinals all high-strung and unfocused? Not us!

YOGA – Take 2 times a day and call us in the morning.

reduce stress
lower blood pressure
decrease fatigue
boost mood, concentration and memory.

News of medical professionals being practitioners in the yoga sense always warms our myocardium.


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  • Men and women in nursing scrubs and hospital uniforms like nurses and doctors and other health personnel need also to sometimes have a break in their routinize life. Maybe yoga can help a lot but I always believe in the power of prayer specially when we are stressed and really weary from hospital work and duties.

  • This is amazing to hear, and in America you say? Well will wonders never cease. I hope they’re measuring this somehow. It’ll be interesting to find out how this program improves everyone’s hospital experience as well as their general health and wellbeing.

    Very smart, if you bring the therapy to the people they’re more likely to participate and everyone benefits. Can you imagine ending up in the hospital and feeling relaxed? What a mind-bending thought that is!

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