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In Memoriam: Dixie Carter’s Yoga Roar Lives On

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Rest her soul Miss Dixie Carter (said with southern drawl) left her earthly body over the weekend at the age of 70. Of course, her role as the smart and strong-minded sassafrass Julia Sugarbaker on Designing Women will be forever cemented in our juvenile minds. However, after viewing this here video of Miss Carter practicing Lion pose, we may never erase that image from our brains! But we sure as shooting can’t help admire the woman for having the biscuits to look ridiculous AND sublimely composed.

In fact, Dixie Carter released two “unworkout” fitness videos, both featuring yoga and both featuring a swipe at the Hollywood hot bod obsession: ‘UnWorkout’ (1992) ‘Yoga For You’ (1994)


dixie-carter-unworkout-yogaforyouMay we cross our eyes and stick out our tongues in salute!

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  • That may have been the most amazing video I have ever seen, especially thinking of her role in Designing Women! I love how she fully embraces the pose despite it not being “pretty.” Yay!

    Thanks so much for sharing it!

  • amazing! hilarious and adorable.

  • It’s hilarious, but I assume she’s being serious at the same time, right! Isn’t that a real Yoga technique?

    My favorite line is “Since it’s just you and me…”. She was joking, of course, but only a little, because she could have never anticipated the ubiquity of YouTube! What did she think her audience would be? Only those who purchased the video.

    Bob Weisenberg

  • I am forever grateful to Dixie Carter for her Yoga For You Video. In 1994 it was my very first yoga experience. I bought the tape during a particularly difficult time in my life. I muted the sound on the yoga part because I couldn’t help but giggle. But I would un-mute it for the guided meditation at the end which made me weep for months every time I did it. I went on to become a yoga teacher and a natural healer and this yoga tape was part of my transformation to becoming me. As my husband said a little while ago…you never know where you’ll find your Buddha. Blessings Dixie Carter and Thank You!

  • Seriously, ah, never mind.
    I will never get this image out of mind. Every time I think of or do Lion Pose this is what I’ll see.
    This is the best.

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