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But Will You Buy the ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ Inspired Jewelry?

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price-tag-pretty-thingsIt’s merchandising time! Gearing up for the summertime release (see the trailer) of the highly anticipated woman-finds-self book-turned-movie, the marketing squad for Eat, Pray, Love is starting to bait their target audience, with shiny pretty things! Presenting a new tie-in jewelry line by Dogeared! The same crafty brokers behind the Sex and the City lady adornments (and SATC2). We smell charm bracelets! It doesn’t stop at baubles though; they’ll be churning out EPL-inspired books and travel items too. Will we get a Liz Barbie? Eau de Filipe? Only if it will make you happy! According to the Dogeared founder, Marcia Maizel-Clarke, they know all about fulfilling women’s desires (and wardrobes).julia-roberts-eatpraylove-rome

“We relate to the theme of a woman’s journey for self-fulfillment and happiness,” says the Dogeared founder explains.

You’ll find this coveted happiness at Fred Segal stores and ABC Carpet & Home, with prices ranging from $20 to $100.

Completely unrelated, yet related, and because it’s Friday, please enjoy this video 🙂

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  • no.

    and only in America.

  • I love the fact that you through in the Spaceballs scene. Thats one of my all time favorite movies.

    I will however buy your shirts all the time!

  • uh no.

  • they should have filmed EPL at a retreat center in south india where a friend of mine did a meditation retreat….they all took a vow not to kill sentient beings so they couldn’t kill all the cockroaches that were crawling over the toilets.

    hmmmm….Indian cockroaches…..I think one would make a nice bauble on an gold-plated OM chain. only $19.99 at Target.

  • Sarah

    Nice touch with the video. Very subtle.

  • Woa.

    “We relate to the theme of a woman’s journey for self-fulfillment and happiness,”– but do they create it? I think not.

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