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Creepy Dahn Leader Ilchi Lee Resigns Amid Sex and Abuse Suits

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ilchi-leeSexual abuse! Brainwashing! Corruption! All accusations against the creepsters of Dahn Yoga (see previous articles) which proved too much for its brainy leader to handle – he’s cut and run!  Ichi Lee announced his resignation as CEO of BR Consulting, the corporate consulting side of the Dahn Yoga cabal. Mr. Lee released a “transition” statement last week on the Dahn site where he explains the pain and suffering he’s endured from “slanderous actions” and negative media coverage, and how he’s handing over the Dahn debacle to “students” so he can begin his “second life”. Lee and his lawyers still deny any wrongdoing, but this cut and run, “need to spend more time with the family” maneuver sounds mighty fishy!

Via ilchi.com

As a result of the religious biases and selfishness of certain individuals, an organization that has showed the world the unique spirit of Hong Ik heritage and tradition has been damaged. I hope that such mean-spirited actions will not be perpetrated or tolerated in the future. The slanderous actions and sensational gossiping to the media by some people have unfairly targeted organizations involved in the meaningful work of sharing our spiritual heritage in an inter-cultural setting and I wish it would stop, once and for all. I hope that everyone can use the infinite creative power of their brain to create a better world with hope and conviction, rather than to justify their own victim mentality. I hope that my resolution today will become the foundation for creating an atmosphere of harmony.


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  • donjo

    I am sure Mike Paul, the President of the 5th Avenue PR firm that Dahn has hired, instructed Ilchi to release a resignation statement. Mike Paul also represents Kwame Kilpatrick, speaks volumes to what kind of clients Mr. Paul chooses to represent. In my opinion, Ilchi is starting to pull all of his money out of his ventures and will try to leave the litigation and legal issues behind for his “nim’s” to clean up. I do not think anyone with any sort of logic is buying what Ilchi is dishing out.

  • I have decided to go back to Dahn Yoga for now. I do not believe Ilchi Lee. I think he is full of it. That being said, my body and mind need training. My father has already paid for a lifetime membership, so I feel I should use it. I will not listen to the lies. I will go for the training alone. I will keep everybody posted. For a full account of my experiences with Dahn Yoga please visit link: http://enslavedmind.com/dahnyoga

  • Happycloud

    All claims against Ilchi Lee have been dismissed with finality in a frivolous lawsuit that has wasted a significant amount of time and money for many people and has also caused a lot of damage. It’s really unfortunate that liars can get so much attention in American media and cause so much harm. I’m sure no one with “any sort of logic” would “buy” the comments of “donjo,” who pretends to know everything but actually knows nothing, and furthermore seems to go out of his way to say derogatory things about Ilchi Lee and Dahn Yoga all over the Internet. Actually, hundreds of thousands of people agree with Ilchi Lee’s philosphy that we are all one human family and we need to take care of our common home, the earth. “donjo” could try to say those people are stupid brainless lemmings, but he would be insulting a lot of intelligent people who have far more recognition and credibility than himself.

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