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American Apparel Taps That Yoga Ass, Again

in Public Display of Yoga, YD News


HOT Dog! Not only is yoga the new rehab, it’s the new sexy! Yep, once again American Apparel borrowed those sextastic yoga poses for their dance line (which you think doesn’t make sense until you realize yoga IS a dance. right? oh and because they don’t have a separate “yoga” line on its own). “Authentic”? eh, we dunno, but those dogs aren’t bad form! Also, we find this ad eons better than the balls-out Trans-Am campaign, and we can’t even see crotchiness! However, if you ever caught us showing up to yoga class dressed like a lollipop please slap us and send us home so Willy Wonka can have his way with us.

thanks to YD pal elephantjournal for the keen find.

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  • Jennifer

    please please please stop giving them advertising. If I want to see hypersexualized images of women doing yoga poorly I’ll go to youtube.

  • This IS the perfect outfit to wear to Willy Wonka’s Chakra factory!

  • American Apparel… Yes, their ads are guaranteed to spark strong opinion either way. By now, however, the sexy shots of girls grabbing their one chance at fame are too ubiquitous to make much impact. Like, we’ve seen it already.

    On another note, I must say that whatever one thinks about the ads, their clothes are a decent value. Cottons last forever, although my fave fabric is the tri-blend. And at least they’re made in the USA. So I can’t pan them entirely…

  • Kath

    At my first teacher training from India, I asked where I could change into my yoga clothes. The teacher looked puzzled and asked, “Yoga clothes?” So I started to rethink what I wear off the mat. With few exceptions, now I do not wear clothes for life that do not work for yoga. And I am comfortable. Shouldn’t life be comfortable, when possible?

  • Any normal person would laugh at any girl that wore this outfit to class. Not in her face, but inside, there would be laughter. The yoga studio/mat is not a runway. Geez.

    • Ziggy

      it is where i live … Birmingham, MI

  • they are going to file for bankruptcy anyway…..C ya AA……

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