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Rollerblade Yoga! And the Next Hottest Trends in Yogafied Fitness (videos)

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It’s April 1st, do we even know what’s real anymore?!? *exasperated breath*

mobile_yoga_logoWhen we first heard about Mobile Yoga (yoga on rollerblades!) we were all like wha? stop yankin our yoga straps! Newsflash: it’s not a joke! So it really doesn’t behoove them to officially launch the Mobile Yoga campaign (again, yoga on rollerblades!) on April Fools Day when the whole world is second guessing every bit of news that meets their eyeballs. But lo and behold, we have lift off! Skater yogi Kris Fondran explains and demonstrates the new rollin’ with the yogis combo, and provides a little tutorial on how to achieve a “greater sense of balance rhythm and flow”… and some sweet new cuts and bruises if you strap those wheels on us ‘dorks!

Really though, we have no doubt yoga could benefit your inline skating routine, besides cardiovascular health, concentration, etc., etc. which we know. Honestly we can’t wait to see gaggles of fanny-pack wearing, sweatband soaking skogsters cuttin’ the pavement of NYC! Wear your knee pads and helmets!

To clarify, Mobile Yoga is as real as the road their skating on. But what about the next big trends?? We’re pulling for Yoga Extreme Walking. Here are some other *true* contenders. Enjoy!

Segway Yoga!

Surf Yoga!

Breakdancing Yoga!

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  • Love the dancing! [[despite global warming]] humans are AWESOME!!

  • Yogini3

    I am eagerly awaiting Motocross Yoga … that way I will know yoga has truly transcended class boundaries, temperament boundaries, and conscious-living self-righteousness boundaries … I can hardly wait …

  • Nice one! I would love to try that – surf yoga! It looks lotsa fun fun fun!

  • Rollerblade Yoga is quite interesting, although I would say that if you’re going to give it a shot, you better be a somewhat experienced skater who has very good balance because it is much more than just doing yoga with skates on.

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