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Can You Tell Me How To Get to Yoga Street?

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yogadork-streetsignIt’s happening! This “New Age”y eco-consciousness is consuming us all so much we’re taking it to the streets, literally! Well, at least in the UK where they’ve taken to renaming some streets to reflect the current shift in culture and attitude (of gratitude?). Groovy!

Via Telegraph UK:

Dr David Green, a geographer from King’s College London, said: “Street names reflect modern culture and society and preoccupations. They now also show a worldwide influence.”

Among the new streets with an environmental theme are Eco Way, in Doncaster, and Sustainability Way, in Leyland, Lancashire.

Reflecting an interest in health and safety, council officials in Poole renamed Salamander Road as Safety Drive, after a new fire station was built on it.

Samsara Road, in Bromsgrove, and Karma Way, in Harrow, north London, both use phrases from Indian religions, dealing with concepts of reincarnation and cause and effect, respectively, which have become popular elements of “new age” western thinking.

Then there is Yoga Way, in Sutton, south London.

We think this is a great sign (ha) of positivity and progression towards a more conscious and healthy future. yay! We haven’t heard much about this trend in the US, but you can bet your bippy we’ll be pushing hard for YogaDork Way!

Just for funsies, what would you name your own yoga/conscious/personally gratifying street? Be creative.

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  • finding a yoga stuido has been the hardest thing about moving to england! there is only one (besides the GYM!) about 20 minutes away from where i am. really wish it would get more popular – faster! this is good news though. it really inspires me to get it together, become an instructor and open my own studio!

  • When I was in college we could all recite in order the progression of Safety Signs in the median of the Maine Turnpike. “Are your Tires Safe?” “Reduce Speed in Ice and Snow” “Dim Lights when Following Cars” “The Maine Turnpike Authority Appreciates your Safe Driving.”

    I’d like to see some yoga-flavoured signs like that. You know:

    Your Dristi is the Road
    Savasana: Next Exit
    Avoid a Rajaistic imbalance: Share the road

  • Actually, I think it should be “YogaDork Bvld” myself.

    And definitely, we need a Shakti Street on several different continents. You go their to get all juiced up (yogic-ly speaking, of course!). 😉

  • there has been a BLISS ROAD near me for forever and a day……

  • Elaine- love it!
    I think this is so cool.

  • Nice blog! Very informative. You’re providing niche information on Yoga! And the Yogadork Way — hmmm I like it. Cool!

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