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NYC Street Yoga Style: Hot or Not?

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amrita-kaur-nycName this stylin’ yogi!

The sophisticatedly entertaining Advanced Style blog ran into NY’s very own yeti yogi! (kidding! yeti’s don’t have cute gold purses).  Of course, we know this fashionable New Yorker as Amrita Kaur, renowned guru from Golden Bridge Yoga in NYC. We’re diggin’ the macramé.

“This stunning 68 year old yoga instructor was on her way to teach a class when I ran into her on Prince Street.” Advanced Style



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  • Isn’t that GURMUKH Kaur?

  • Wow-I love her! Groovy and authentic at any age.

  • Gurmukh is the bomb.

  • Are Kundalini-ies vegetarian/vegan ahimsa to the planet people?

  • Nimrita

    I would know that face anywhere! Love love LOVE Gurmukh!

    That is definitely fake fur. In Kundalini Yoga we definitely practice ahimsa and promote a vegetarian diet, though veganism is catching on.

  • Important questions:

    Does she cough up a hairball after pranayama?

    How does she fit her mat in that tiny little bag?

    Someone needs to rescue that soft camel-coloured scarf…one gust of wind and away it will go….

  • laluna

    Hmm. Well, I recognized Gurmukh right away, but then the very next thing that popped into my brain was Star Wars (see here: http://www.starwars.com/databank/creature/tauntaun/ if you don’t get the reference).

    Is that wrong?


  • Darby

    Love the cute gold bag!

  • Love it. She has her own individual style, she looks happy, and she glows, glows, glows. I hope to be that much of a badass when I’m her age!

  • Gurmukh is so awesome! I hope to be this full of life at her age!

  • Gurmukh will be in Vancouver, next weekend. Can’t wait!
    Best Kundalini teacher ever!

  • kunda

    ahem… sa,
    interestingly in kundalini, they practice on sheepskin mats and wear sheepfur coats and boots. and they like refined and hence expensive goods just as much as anyone else.
    well it’s a style of life.
    ong namo guru dev namo

  • WOW!!! SO CHIC!!!! I want to be a yoga teacher like her. Golden Bridge is awesome and I have literally heard the best things about this woman. Love it!!! xxxxxxx

  • I was thinking “whaaa? Gurmukh has a sister?!?”

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