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Anne Hathaway Wears Purple, Perfects the Post-Yoga Paparazzi Shot

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Is there a new breed of yogarazzi? An increased flux in celebriyogi tipsters? Or is Anne Hathaway just so virtuous and pure that the most scandalous ‘razzi shots are of post-yoga perspiration? We suspect all three! It shall be declared, “Yoga stoned” is the new “upskirt”! There we said it. If you don’t know what the upskirt phenomenon is/was, ask your favorite PerezHilton frequenter, or use your imagination! Here we have the angelic Anne, innocently departing post private yoga class, yesterday March 24th, in LA of course, when those nasty paps had to intrude on her glow. Yes, we noticed she doesn’t have a mat, but that necklace sure does look like a pretty string of mala beads, no?

Thanks Anne, number one for bringing the purple, and also for reminding us that celebriyogis are human too and not all Bikram-buns-ified!

and hey, psst.. photogs…yogadorks will be at class tonight when the little hand reaches anjali mudra (don’t worry, our publicist can leak you the details). we hope to spy you in your best malasana.


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  • I heart Anne Hathaway 🙂

  • does anyone else really not care which celebrity does yoga? sorry, but I don’t.

  • @ Linda….. I do care and I don’t care….. Sometimes, I think, the “celebrity” may just find the true spiritual meaning of the practice…. and I think, YAY!!!! Someone has found the true beauty of yoga…. and I rejoice in that…. Other “celebrities” might just do it because it’s trendy… and I think, aaawww, silly person… BUT…. Who am I to judge, anyhow???

    As long as I find peace and love and true-ness on my mat, it really does not matter what others do.

  • I don’t care about celebrities in general…but wonder if Anne Hathaway and I might have intertwined destinies…or something…

  • while I was at my Ayurvedic meeting last night, and we spoke of things such as the doshas, and rajas and sattva and our teacher explained to us that different tears actually fall from different parts of the eye, and that Russia is the 2nd biggest user of Triphala after India, I had a moment and wondered whether these celebrities are getting to the real root of yoga, to the sacred, or if they are just tying themselves in knots rushing into the current zealous wave of “yoga”. Hmmm……….

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