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Latest Update: Victory as Gov. Paterson Signs Bill Exempting Yoga From State Licensing, Fees, Headaches

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Free to Om.
Oh it is so official. Governor Paterson has signed the bill! NY yogis (studios with teacher trainings) are now lawfully exempt from government regulation and costly licensing fees. Karate instructors can rejoice as well (they’re included!) as NY Governor David P-dog signed the legislation just earlier today.

“This legislation is important in that it will not place added expenses on our local governments, in addition to not enacting stricter requirements on New York’s yoga studios during these difficult times,” Paterson said.

Again, congrats to the NY yogis who united and fought for independence from what some might say was a bureaucratic money grab. We know, shocker!

Reminder: To show your support for Yoga for NY, the primary organization behind this battle, please check out their website and perhaps purchase one of their cool tshirts.  They still need help paying off the lobbyist’s fee! more at Yoga for New York’s facebook page

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