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Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey’s Celebriyogi Bikram Buns

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jimcarrey-beardJim Carrey is a rubber band! And it’s not just his face! Which we almost couldn’t recognize with that gopher growing on his chin. Mr. Carrey grew the beard, and his belly, to play the role of Curly in the Three Stooges. Now that he’s no longer in the picture, it’s time to shed the jolly bowl full of jelly (and the gopher), says girlfriend Jenny McCarthy. And how’s that? With yoga! um, and a razor, we assume.

She tells E! Online:

“I did some intervention. He said, ‘I think I’m done with the beard,’ and I go, ‘As a matter of fact you are. I was just thinking that.’ So he shaved it. Then I got him into yoga, so he’s like a slender rubber band right now.”

jenny_mccarthy_jim_carrey_swimsuitjpegLast time we heard from her on yoga, Ms. McCarthy was counting the ways in which she and beau Jimmy both loved her Bikram buns. Sounds like that was almost enough to get Jim on the mat, with of course health being the primary factor! (totally, we know, like Jenny’s behind isn’t convincing alone? we kid!)

The thought of these two hilarious and adorable Hollywood celebriyogis practicing yoga together is almost enough to make us join team Bikram Olympics just so we can lobby for a celebrity division. say what? Only if Jim can wear the ladies’ yogattire!

UPDATE: They broke up! Sadly there will be no Jim Carry Olympic camel toe.

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  • I’d see a yoga comedy with the two of them in it. Wait… yoga comedy? Have I just invented a new genre? C’mon, surely we’re not counting anything with Russell Brand in it, right?

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