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NY Yogis ThisClose to Victory in Licensing Battle with State Gov

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yogaforny-logoEarlier this month we reported that the bill passed through the Senate and State Assembly. Now NY Yogis anxiously await Governor Paterson’s signature on the dang thing so it can be official: yoga teacher training will be exempt from state government regulation — along with martial arts so we found out:

Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal said, “We all figured … we might as well include anything in there that might also be misconstrued as needing a license to train teachers. These are like recreational kinds of activities. They’re not the same as vocational, like bartenders or auto mechanics, for example, those schools that have to get licensed.” [MSNBC]

Via today’s NYTimes:

Mr. Paterson has until March 24 to sign the bill, which has been approved by the State Assembly and the State Senate and has the backing of the Education Department, which initially pushed for the licensing of the yoga teachers. The bill adds yoga and martial arts to areas of instruction that are exempt from state oversight; they include religion, painting and athletics.

So get that pen handy mister! Cause rumor has it you’re going to be writing more than your name pretty soon and maybe you’d like to sign off on a few friendly bills before you go? ahem. (DailyIntel ‘Ed Koch Insists That Governor Paterson’s Resignation Is Coming‘ )

More updates on YD as they come. If you’d like to show your support for Yoga for NY, the organization behind this battle, please check out their website and perhaps purchase one of their cool tshirts. They still need help paying off the lobbyist’s fee!

Yoga For NY’s facebook page

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