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Yogi Prescription for Daylight Savings Time: Relax!

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daylightsavingsIt’s Daylight Savings Time again! We may lose an hour this weekend, but the bright side is it means spring is nigh! While the impetus behind setting the clocks ahead was to save energy costs (more daylight hours+ideal universe=less use of electricity) the shift in time has more of an impact than we were aware of: increased heart attacks, suicides and traffic accidents?? That’s what research shows (LATimes blogs The onset of daylight saving time can be hazardous to your health). All because of ONE measly hour! Makes you wonder what shortening the day by 1.26 millionths of a second did for our daily routines when the Chile earthquake shifted Earth’s axis. We’re sensitive beings! That’s precious time we need for brushing teeth and practicing handstand.

Though stats show there’s more health problems and accidents we’re going to bet it’s because people forget the time change and freak out on Monday morning! So here’s your reminder: SET YOUR CLOCKS BEFORE BED ON SATURDAY NIGHT. The time changes 2am Sunday morning, March 14th. And may we kindly suggest spending a little extra time this weekend in restorative yoga poses and playing dead? You may also want try some meditation downloads over at MyYogaOnline.com, Elsie’s free Yoga Nidra Podcast Episode: 62 or a guided Yoga Nidra meditation from Dr. Madan Kataria, the laughter yoga guru, hilariously enough.

Here’s a helpful little prep video from the youtube…though we’re a little late for setting the alarm 10 minutes earlier each day for 6 days. woops.

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