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Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles Do ‘Authentic Yoga’ on Your iPhone for $2.99

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deepak-chopra-mobile-authentic-yogaSo Deepak Chopra has an iPhone app. Oh wait, this just in… Deepak Chopra has TWO iPhone apps. The beloved teddy bear of alt-medicine’s first foray into the mobile world came last fall with ‘Stress Free’, an app basically reminding you to ‘chill the eff out fool!’ Now with with the help of model/yogi Tara Stiles, and a snazzily hip website (www.deepakchopramobile.com) we can all chill the eff out and yoga on-the-go to Chopra’s soothing voice and Ms. Stiles agile demos, all for just $2.99! It’s called “Authentic Yoga”… discuss amongst yourselves. ps. this is a not a review. try ann pizer (about.com) for a good pros and cons breakdown.

Via said snazzy site:

Practice wherever you are, with the most comprehensive practical and fun mobile yoga app, brought to you by Deepak and Tara Stiles, “the coolest yoga instructor ever.”

Like totally. If you’re familiar with Chopra’s over 45 books then you know he’s pretty big on manifesting success, love, happiness etc. by developing self-motivation/empowerment through mind/body/soul connection, and he’s sort of a case in point. So it’s no shocker his yoga practice has manifested itself onto a more tech-savvy platform after the tired old ink and paper routine has been translated into 35 languages and sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. (that’s a lot).

As Mr. Dee told NPR in a November interview:

“Most people when they think of iPhones or BlackBerries or just everything that’s digital these days, they associate it with stress,” Chopra says. “So the thought came to me, why not use the very technology that is supposedly distracting you to bring you to the present, to help you focus on the moment, to help you get rid of stress. There is no stopping technology, and what we do with it depends on us.”

Wanna know what will make you even less stressed? Something free. Head on over to the NY Yoga Examiner where YD pal Jenn is giving away a *free* download of the new “Authentic Yoga” app, but you only have til Friday to enter.. ack! omg, hurry up…get on it stat!! 😉

Here’s a video of the ChopStiles duo on ABC’s Good Morning America. Authentic enough for your tastes?

Will you pony up the $2.99 for “Authentic Yoga”?

**Oh, and in other good news for NYers, YogaLocal iPhone app is now FREE. hey hey.**

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  • the app was on sale for 99 cents on the weekend, so i broke down and bought it. i’m looking forward to trying it, and other iphone yoga apps. expect reviews soon!

    meanwhile, i’m impressed with deepak’s web 2.0 savvy. his tweets are genuine and relevant.

  • Great blog, Yogadork!

    As you may recall, I have frequently referred to Chopra, in spite of his glittering Hollywood image, as “A Modern Sage of the Upanishads”. Even on Twitter, almost everything he writes could have come straight out of the ancient Yoga texts. He is, in fact, the world’s foremost practitioner of Ratra (Radical Traditional) Yoga.

    This lineage of Chopra’s is somewhat obscured by his slick, sometimes even misleading marketing, by all the other things he has gotten into, and by his association with Hollywood. But just read his books or hear him talk, even on this brief video above, and his traditional Yoga philosophy becomes richly evident.

    Chopra doesn’t hide his Yoga background, but he usually doesn’t emphasize it either, because above all else, like the writers of the Upanishads, he’s a universalist. All spiritual paths lead to the same timeless realities. So it’s good to see him come out with a specifically Yoga product, which will hopefully clarify to the world his foundation in ancient Yoga philosophy.

    For more, see my blogs:

    Pure Yoga By Another Name–Chopra, Tolle, and Easwaran

    Deepak Chopra–Modern Yoga Sage or New Age Hype?

    Bob Weisenberg

  • admin

    Roseanne, looking forward to it! keep us posted.

    Thanks Bob for your thoughtful comments and further Ratra reading.

  • I find it user unfriendly & have advised the developers. Star ratings + no comments on the App store, speaks volumes to me…

  • zenblake

    Where in the hell do you place your iPod/iPhone when you are doing yoga? This makes no sense to me.

  • Hi Zenblake,
    When I use an iPhone App for yoga, I tend to use my Plank cellphone holder & headphones or a docking station w/speakers. The screen tends to black out with inactivity & I personally, don’t think the visuals are that necessary, except from time to time or if you are a beginner. I’m not sure if I can post a photo here, I’ll post it on twitter, the holder has a Blackberry as I need my iPhone to take photo. I think we follow each other on twitter or at least I follow you.

  • Hi, I just found this post via searching the blog for references to iPhone apps. I am about to release a yoga app for iPhone/iPad on Oct 12, and want to find out about what’s out there already. Regarding the “where do you put the iPhone” question, at least with my app just putting it down somewhere where you can hear it works, or if you are using the iPad version some iPad cases let you prop the device up like a picture frame. The use of technology and yoga do seem like an odd mix, but I think can be useful.

  • It bugs me that Chopra seems to be insinuating that he is pioneering a link between yoga and technology. Um, where has he been looking while free AND paid podcast classes have been on the rise? Elise Escobar, Hilary Rubin, YogaDownload.com., Eoin Finn, Dave Farmar, and so many more have been bringing quality yoga practices to the masses via technology long before the iPhone was even born.

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