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Michelle Obama Fights Obesity in Yoga Pants

in Public Display of Yoga, YD News

michelle-obama-yoga-pants-soccer-copyTouring the country to promote her Let’s Move campaign to fight childhood obesity, the First Lady of yoga*, Michelle Obama, was spotted at a DC soccer clinic last week looking buff in an all black yoga getup. Since every stitch of clothing this woman wears is noted and archived in the annals of presidential fashion, of course we are provided with a detailed breakdown of Mrs. O’s workout wear!

via The Cut:

“…she wore workout clothes! They included black boot-cut yoga pants, a black, ruched, relaxed, long-sleeved tunic top, and either a black tank top or sports bra underneath.”

Wait, what? No label identity or designer spy teams to figure out who she’s wearing? Seriously! It’s as if the lulus haven’t yet achieved their goal of penetrating the White House. Frankly, lemons, we’re disappointed in you. As far as we can tell there are no visible logos. Maybe you yogadorks and yoga clotheshorses can help solve the puzzle!

She’s got the pants, but will yoga play a part in the campaign?

*don’t forget Grandma is a huge fan!

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