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Eat, Pray, Love’s “wise Bubba” Richard Dies Suddenly

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richard-vogt_eatprayloveAw bummer…on a bit of a somber note this Monday March 8th , we bring you the news that the original “Richard From Texas” of Elizabeth Gilbert‘s Eat, Pray, Love died suddenly in his sleep last Thursday.

“He had just returned from a trip to India and passed away in his sleep,” friend Kimberley Stroup said. He was 62. Stroup said Vogt had long-term heart problems.

Of course those who read the book remember Richard as the ex-addict wise-crackin’ “wise Bubba” who spit out quotable gems like, “You’re wishin’ too much baby. You gotta’ stop wearin’ your wishbone where your backbone oughta be!” Which got him a hot ticket interview with Oprah, twice. (turns out he was working on his own memoir as of ’08, but no word if it was finished).

Richard, darlin’ you will be missed, but we can only hope you were almost as pleased with Richard Jenkins portraying you in the movie version as we’re sure Ms. Gilbert is about Julia Roberts.


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  • a character, for sure…

  • Hi, there – I wanted you all to know about this trip – we would love for you to blog about it – we are so excited to meet some of the folks Liz Gilbert met on her trip to Bali, but I am sad that Richard From Texas will not be able to join us now and meet more of his fans. Eat Pray Love Bali is May 21-27
    Blessings –
    aka Julie the Cruise Director
    Spirit Quest Tours

  • Oh no! He was my favorite person in that book.. I was hoping to meet him someday. 🙁

  • It’s such a terrible loss. I had just met him at Isha Yoga Center, where we were both staying for an extended period, and found him to be a lovely person.

  • lorrie

    oh NOOooo. I was just doing a search because he was so wonderful and bouyant in the book (and now I see looks JUST as shiny and good-energy as I’d pictured him). And (tho I love Richard Jenkins) the film portrayal was….heavvvvvvy, and darker and sort of like someone who was SO wounded that all his spiritual work simply left him functioning…not JOYFUL. I guess now I’ll just have to keep wondering. Thanks for the lovely piece on him!

    • Hi Lorrie,
      He was a friend of mine and you don’t have to wonder. He was a very funny lively joyful person, not at all the heavy downer portrayed in the movie. Don’t know why they did it that way. Would have been a better movie if Richard had played himself, haha.
      I’m in Austin right now letting people know Richard’s guru Sadhguru will be in Texas next month! For a one time only training.

  • Please join us at Richard’s east Austin home at a final benefit estate sale the weekend of Nov 20-21, 2010. You may visit my website for more information.

  • Information regarding the estate sale can be found at austinestatesales.net

  • I thought you might want to know that I purchased some personal items from Richard’s estate here in Austin recently. I wanted to have a keepsake of my own to remind me to live my life to the fullest because you never know when it is over. I was also interested in his book collection to obtain books for a school I support that is run by a Jesuit priest in northern Uganda. We have decided to sell a few items at auction to raise money for this school as well as 20% will go directly to the Make It Right NOLA Foundation to help folks I know in New Orleans. I am putting some items online now, you will find them under my eBay Seller ID healthandgarden which is this link: http://shop.ebay.com/healthandgarden/m.html

  • sandi

    Oh no, just finished reading the book and I’m so sad to learn that he passed 🙁

  • Neomi

    Interesting post, even though I’m not entirely sure I understand.

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