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Meditations on Death and Funeral Home Yoga?

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death-meditation-luckylotusyogaThis is for real!

We’ve been freaked out before by cemetery yoga…yes yoga in a graveyard! But never had our little horrified imaginations ever wandered to the thought of…funeral home yoga? But wait, it’s for death meditation, part of the Tibetan Buddhist culture, so of course confronting and meditating on death adjacent to an embalming room all makes sense! *shutter*

Brooklyn’s Ava Gerber had the nerve (of steel?) to snap up a vacant funeral home down the road from her local haunt Lucky Lotus Yoga, for the dead on locale:

“You couldn’t really do effective death meditation unless you were in a funeral home,” said Gerber, who has owned Lucky Lotus Yoga since 2005 and relocated from a location a few blocks away early this year. “Who would come to a death meditation in a regular studio?”

We certainly enjoy ourselves a relaxing savasana (corpse pose) but we’re mayybe not quite ready to chant amongst the dead! (note: there aren’t actually any physical dead people there anymore, as far as we know).

Via The Local-NYTimes

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  • Gives new meaning to corpse pose now doesn’t it? I’ll never think of it the same way again. lol

  • Well, compared to the yogis meditating in charnel grounds in India, this really seems rather mild…

  • I gotta be honest, and you know how much I like most of your spoofs and call-outs. But this seems a little close-minded to me. If Yoga is about spirituality, and virtually every other spirituality deals with death, why not Yoga? Perhaps I just don’t know enough about it yet.

    Bob Weisenberg

  • admin

    hey bob…wasn’t trying to be closed-minded here but rather present the notion for other people to consider. this is pretty creepy but hey, more power to them if it brings a heightened sense of spiritual connectednesss. you just wont catch me there amongst casper and the Addams Family 😉 (but that’s probably because I’m a scaredy cat)

    always love your input and thoughtful commentary!

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