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Dakota Fanning Defies Hollywood Starlet Syndrome With Yoga

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dakota fanning 021610

Here’s Dakota Fanning emerging from yoga class February 17th in LA, just a few days before her 16th birthday! Nope, she’s no little pipsqueak anymore (are we getting old er what?). Although we tend to squirm at the stress and unfair focus mass media/paparazzi put on young girls to find “perfection” in self-image (“working hard to keep in shape” is how teendaily.com describes Ms. Fanning’s routine), we’re feeling confident this young lady will continue her portrayal as a positive role model for teens. *crossing fingers*

Young Hollywood starlet doing Yoga? good. Drinking…water? great! Heaven knows we could use a good yoga teen ambassador!

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  • I always did like that little Dakota Fanning.. now I like her even more! I hope she sticks with yoga, and lots of other little tykes follow in her footsteps.

  • Aww, Dakota Fanning! Love her – I say the more people doin’ yoga, the better. Even if they are celebs. Hopefully Dakota will set a good example for her age group, as well as shed a positive light on the yoga community too.

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