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The Yoganator and Homeless Yoga: New Film Mockumentaries Funny or Offensive?

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yoganatorIs it the full moon or what? All the kooky yoga videos are coming out of the woodwork! It’s not an oddball ad for Scrabble, but it certainly rates high on what- in-the-what scale. Meet The Yoganator! A high-prana’ed foul-mouthed yogi teacher with conviction, and satire. We’ve seen mocking tongue-in-cheek vids from the likes of aspiring yogi filmakers (Savasana: The Movie), Arj Barker (Sickest Buddhist) and even Jason Mraz (Yoga-to-Go), but are we ready for the yoga action film?

homeless-yogaAnd then there’s Homeless Yoga, from the filmmaker and producer Linda Matarasso, with the tagline “What would yo do if you lost it all?”…of which the answer, of course, is Yoga. We have yet to come to a verdict on this one until we see the whole shebang, though it’s borderline obnoxious for sure (but so are we! we won’t judge. yet.)

Needless to say, Hindu scholar and part-time movie critic, Rajan Zed is not pleased (he hates Eat, Pray, Love). His previous thoughts on the topic directed at Yoga Journal,When did lampooning become a medium to honor a 5,000-year-old tradition,” Rajan Zed asked.

In the spirit of Ogden, the ‘Inappropriate Yoga Guy, here’s another trip on the funny or offensive yoga express…what do you think?

Thanks to it’s all yoga baby for a great write up on the subject.

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  • I don’t understand the question in your title: “funny or offensive?”

    Since when does something have to be either one or the other?

  • admin

    I think maybe it’s more “funny? funny and offensive? or just offensive?”

    the verdict in the west seems to be the first/second. though scholars like Zed seem pretty set on the offensive.

    in any case, it’s an interesting comment on the continued evolution and image of yoga in pop culture.

  • umm… who gave you permission to post this video to your site? I know it wasn’t me… and I think it’s offensive that you make judgments based on a trailer. If you haven’t seen the “Short” film I think it’s wrong to assume it’s offensive… maybe you are one of those people that finds everything offensive while other people would find it entertaining or thought provoking. Although it was meant to be a comedy it was also meant for people to put themselves into thinking about what they would do.

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